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Click fraud bots are everywhere

Keep them out of your campaigns

You can’t block bots without an effective bot mitigation tool. Automate your PPC protection with ClickGUARD and you’ll have several billion less things to worry about.

If you’re running PPC, you need to block bots — and lots of them

A single click fraud bot, coming from one IP address, can do a lot of damage to your ad campaigns - particularly if it’s programmed to mimic human behavior. But one bot can be quickly identified and excluded.

The problem is, we’re probably not just dealing with one bot.

However, the more time a bot farm or botnet is forced to spend battling your defenses, the less profitable their activities will be. Block their bots enough times, and they’ll give up the attack as it's too expensive.

A well-built automated system is the most efficient way to maintain this defense.


Botnets are widely distributed malware operations that can infect thousands of devices, anywhere in the world, often without the owner’s knowledge. This code then operates in the background of each device, secretly carrying out cybercrime, including click fraud activity.

Click farms

Click farms are large-scale industrial enterprises, typically using hundreds of servers, devices, IP addresses, and people to carry out massive click fraud operations. Even if you block the initial attack, a bot farm can just move their activity to a different server or IP address and try again.

Block bots automatically

Bot mitigation is a never-ending task that needs a relentless solution, smart enough to identify and block bots without adding to your workload.

ClickGUARD is a fully automated bot mitigation tool, providing 24/7 PPC protection - no matter how sophisticated the threat.

Protecting your Ads from bot farms and botnets, our automated system will assess each and every click against a complex set of variables, such as device ID, IP address range, and non-human behavior (e.g., too-fast response times, or accessing the bottom of a page without scrolling).

Each and every click assessed for bot threat probability

Every single click is subjected to a Bot Probability Assessment. Our UI breaks this down for you on the ‘Clicks’ page, showing:

Instant insights into each and every click

Use filtering options to quickly find the clicks you’re looking for – by campaign, by conversion status, by level of engagement, and whether the click was blocked or not.

Get a grip on when and where the click happened with data on device types, IP address, campaign keyword target, ad placement domain, and more. Anything you need to know about your Ads clicks, you got it.

Automated bot reports – whenever and wherever you need them

Schedule regular reports and updates for everyone involved in your PPC efforts, segmented by account and delivered via email at the time and frequency of your choosing.

And thousands more of 5 star reviews