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Bad clicks?
Your competitor’s problem

In a perfect world, digital advertising would be an uplifting place, full of unicorns and rainbows, where everyone respected each other’s brands.

In this world, we’ve got ClickGUARD.

Click fraud,
a multi-billion-dollar problem

Ad fraud crime business

44 billion

And it’s not going away. Google is the largest digital advertising platform on Earth – which makes it the world’s biggest target for ad fraud, a $44 billion crime business. And that’s just part of the story, as pretty much every other ad platform is likely to be affected by this issue.

Click fraud

14% of all PPC

14% of all PPC clicks are estimated to be click fraud. And in some industries, that number is even higher.

If PPC is part of your digital marketing strategy, you can’t afford not to invest in click fraud protection. Like it or not, your campaigns are being exploited, and neither the law nor ad platforms are willing or able to protect you.

Invalid traffic – the kind of attention you could do without

If you want the right kind of attention to your ads, you should pay attention to your ads.

You need to find and block any traffic that isn’t generated by a real user with a genuine interest. Aside from fraud and bots, you’re battling with accidental clicks, poorly chosen keywords, and international clicks outside your geographical marketplace.

ClickGUARD is a sophisticated optimization tool that identifies malicious and useless traffic, so you can remove it forever with the flick of a switch.

Learn more about traffic enhancement

Did you see that bot? Of course not

Bad bots are one of the largest sources of click fraud. And it’ll take more than a CAPTCHA to stop them. These are sophisticated scripts – their IP address disguised by distributed networks, their lightning speed cloaked by machines that observe and imitate human behavior.

ClickGUARD assesses potential threats against a comprehensive set of data points - including IP address, user device ID, geolocation, past and present behavior - and provides a Bot Probability Assessment for each click, showing time on site and interaction levels. The source of the click is then either blocked or monitored according to the campaign protection parameters set by you.

Learn more about our Threat Analytics

Data provides the road map for every decision in the journey of your business. Make sure you’re getting the true story behind your clicks.

Verification and reporting – your data-driven road map

We verify every. single. click - creating a dynamic database that consistently evolves and updates with threat analysis factors specific to your Google Ads account.

It’s a complicated process that deals with probabilities, not certainties. But the User Interface you’ll see combines expert data-driven analysis with the transparent accessibility you need to understand in seconds what’s happening to your campaigns – and take action.Using the ‘Clicks’ page, you can instantly filter by:

Click status

Conversion status

Engagement level


ClickGUARD Workspaces: the perfect way to stay organized

If you run PPC for multiple businesses, you need to organize your workflow. The cleaner your ClickGUARD account, the easier it is to get the data you need – and block the clicks that you don’t.

ClickGUARD Workspaces is our brand new account structure, turning your seething sea of data into smooth sailing. 

When you create a new ClickGUARD account, you either create or get added to an existing Workspace. Each Workspace can access as many websites as required, along with their associated PPC accounts. 

This way, you can assess every campaign at a granular level – and make sure you provide every PPC account with the exact protection it needs.

Learn more about our Tracking and Validation

End the drain
on your ad campaign

The industry standard

A PPC specialist’s tool of choice, ever since the birth of click fraud protection. We’ve saved our clients more than $50m in ad spend since 2016.

Best-in-class support

24/7 person-to-person technical support on the channel of your choice, with an onboarding process tailored to your campaign and business needs. And our Pro Plans include your own dedicated threat analyst and account manager.

Painless, simple setup

Your click fraud protection system is fully operational and under your control within minutes. Toggle on/off campaign parameters, for instant optimization.

Immaculate data

Skewed data = bad decisions. Eliminate click fraud for purer insight and clearer direction. Put ClickGUARD at the back-end of your tech stack to get the best out of every tool you use.

ClickGUARD learning

Unlimited access to a wealth of learning resources and guides to secure your expertise. Code scripts, exclusion lists, and specialized training for PPC practitioners.

Real-time bot mitigation

Recognizing and neutralizing malware and bot attacks before they happen. Automatically limited, blocked, or safely redirected, according to your preferences and our analysis.

And thousands more of 5 star reviews