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Reveal the real sources of your traffic

When so much depends on your data, you need a PPC reporting tool that’s going to give you a clean &
clutter-free picture.

ClickGUARD.Trusted by over 5000 global category leaders

Dirty data – the disaster waiting to happen

Digital marketing is data-driven. It has to be. Otherwise, you might as well go throw up a billboard and hope for the best.

Data is the foundation of the modern business decision-making process. So when that data is biased and badly defined, the resulting decisions may well be disastrous. And if it’s your job to provide the data…well, look out.

Bad data skews your decisions

Even the most effectively structured PPC accounts are vulnerable to the data chaos caused by invalid traffic. And even if you know how to read the data, that doesn’t mean your data is correct.

Trying to…

Filter out keywords with low impressions

Bad data due to invalid traffic means…

Keywords with inflated impressions

Resulting in…

Wasted spend on poor keywords

Useful keywords rejected

Low conversion rate

Bad decisions for future campaigns

Inaccurate data means you’ll be basing your future keyword strategies around fraudulent activity – which then leads to more bad decisions.

Clean, customized, insightful reports in seconds

Set up PPC/Google Ads reports in seconds, with ClickGUARD. Select the scope that tells the clearest story about your campaigns. Then share the reports with your C-suite, team, or client, to let them know what’s working (or not) in your PPC campaigns.

Need to update your team quickly before the big presentation? Optimizing your campaigns from the beach?

Want to tackle click fraud head-on?

You can drill down with additional reporting about your invalid traffic, identifying and quantifying problem keywords/campaigns, locations,
and placements.

Full-stack functionality for data-driven PPC Campaigns

With ClickGUARD supporting your tech stack, you’ll achieve better results with your PPC Ads, along with increased efficiency and accuracy across all your marketing operations.

The ability and know-how to clear PPC data is increasingly making the difference between a successful PPC campaign and a chaotic, unprofitable one. And the best PPC Ad reports are the ones that show cleanly and transparently where your greatest challenges lie.

Successful PPC campaigns are defined by the ability to understand, validate, and clean PPC data. And the best PPC reports are the ones that show cleanly and transparently where your greatest challenges lie.

As a ClickGUARD client, you can sit back knowing that every click is verified and validated before being added to the data you use to guide your most critical decisions.

Stay organized with ClickGUARD Workspaces

Agency? Consultant? Running ads for multiple businesses? With ClickGUARD, staying on top of all your PPC efforts is easy.

ClickGUARD Workspaces were created to make sure you can be as high-level or as nitty-gritty as you need to be when looking at your PPC data. When you create a ClickGUARD account, you can be added (or add yourself) to a Workspace.

Each Workspace can include multiple Websites, and each Website can include multiple PPC accounts. This makes agency, consultant, and multi-subsidiary account organization easy – so you can break down your click fraud protection and keep your data clean and tidy.

And thousands more of 5 star reviews