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Google Ads for SaaS? Keep them lean and clean with ClickGUARD

SaaS moves fast. If you let your PPC budget go to waste, you may not have the resources to change up when you need to. Stay agile and ready to scale with automatic PPC protection that works as quickly as you do.

Increase your Customer Lifetime Value with a reduced Customer Acquisition Cost by getting better quality traffic to your website.

Combat click fraud for SaaS success

Software-as-a-Service is super-competitive – a $123 billion, low-regulation industry dominated by tech-minded risk-takers.

PPC for SaaS provides the high-speed growth opportunities your industry needs – but SaaS PPC budgets are extremely vulnerable to risks, such as:

Click fraud

As competitors seek to undermine your advertising potential.

Sophisticated bot and malware attacks

Disguised as human activity on
your Google Ads.

Invalid clicks

Due to poorly targeted keywords, misplaced adverts for the wrong audience, or bogus ad display websites.

Optimize your ads — and save your budget for the real opportunities

ClickGUARD reduces your Customer Acquisition Cost instantly by identifying and excluding sources of low-quality traffic. This ensures that your ads are shown to relevant, human audiences with a genuine interest in your services.

Use the sleek and simple UI to adjust the parameters of your PPC protection. Shape your PPC campaigns using simple toggle selections to include or exclude sources of traffic, or different campaigns. Select how aggressively you choose to protect your SaaS PPC budget.

And if you want to get granular, the ‘Clicks’ page allows you to quickly filter and examine any cross-section of your clicks, and learn exactly who’s clicking on your ads.

Reporting on the go, for the demand gen pro

Schedule your reports automatically, as often as you need them. Or get the latest up-to-the-minute data on your PPC protection, with instant reporting.

Set the scope of your reports to a single account, or across all your Google Ads for SaaS. Automatic email send options, to share all the insights your team needs to stay agile.

And thousands more of 5 star reviews