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Cut out the Google Ads Video Click Fraud

Nothing drives engagement like video can. And good video content is a labor of love – so don’t let bots, click fraudsters and fake website publishers use your Google Ads video masterpiece to hurt you.

Video rules the internet

The stats don’t lie. 52% of marketers feel video ads provide the best ROI. And 88% of consumers admit to making a purchase after watching a video.

Your brain processes visual information thousands of times faster than text. And our attraction to movement means that you’re 27 times more likely to click a video ad than a static text or image-based ad.

Video is an essential component of any modern marketing strategy. And Google Ads videos provide the perfect opportunity to combine the world’s most engaging marketing tool with the world’s most effective advertising platform.

But your most effective digital assets are vulnerable - and instead of clocking up the conversions, you could end up counting the cost of Google click fraud.

Why your Google Display video ads are at risk

When your video ads are shared across millions of third-party apps and websites on the Google Display Network, it’s almost inevitable they’ll wind up being displayed in some places you wouldn’t choose for them to go.

Fake websites and fraudulent publishers use the Google Display Network to generate vast sums of money from Google click fraud.
With criminal techniques like ad stacking and pixel stuffing, your video won’t even be visible on their website. But you’ll be charged for the impressions and clicks, just the same.

When click fraud is combined with other forms of ad fraud such as spoofed websites, these cybercriminals can steal the money straight out of your ad budget.

You’ve invested expensive resources and precious time in your Google Display video ads – even before you distribute them via the GDN. Isn’t it worth investing in protecting them from fraud, as well?

ClickGUARD – the real hero of your Google Ads videos

Cut! suspicious or poorly converting ad placements from your campaigns – ClickGUARD identifies and adds them to ad placement blacklists.

Cut! Google click fraud and invalid traffic automatically, and use our Bot Probability Assessment tool to examine any click you like.

Cut! any geolocation or time zone that doesn’t fit the needs of your campaign, and scale the aggressiveness of your protection to give you the reach you need, without the false positives.

And thousands more of 5 star reviews