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Better traffic for your clients. Better recommendations for you

Your clients deserve the very best. You can and will give them that with ClickGUARD. Strengthen your reputation by delivering excellence. Win over your clients’ hearts with better ROI by outplaying bad traffic and bots.


Ads accounts and domains protected by ClickGUARD

Without ClickGUARD

No way to eliminate fraudulent or wasteful clicks

Campaign budget wasted on “bad” clicks

No way to block fake conversions

Limited data available leading to poor insights

With ClickGUARD

Effectively block invalid, fraudulent and wasteful clicks

Improve your ad spend and boost your ROAS

Block bad traffic and improve real conversion rates

All the data you need for accurate reports and intent based optimization

Save your reputation by blocking the bad clicks

It’s a tough digital world out there. You do your best to help your customers with top-class PPC campaigns. But you also feel that at times your results aren’t what you expect. That leads to frustration for both you reand your customers.

Over 50% of web traffic is generated by bots. This includes some of the traffic on your campaigns too. Competitor clicks, bots, and other wasteful clicks affect how your campaigns are performing – and how your clients’ ad budget is spent.

Grow your PPC portfolio with ClickGUARD's easy-to-use
click fraud protection system.

Help your ads, retain your customers

As a digital marketing agency, you want the best for your customers. You want to make them happy by creating stellar campaigns for them. You want to make every click count and every cent well spent. With ClickGUARD, optimizing your PPC traffic and budget is as easy as switching on a button.

Say goodbye to spam, fraudulent, and irrelevant clicks. Just clean traffic from actual humans ready to make a purchase.

Beat the rest with consistent ROAS

What you and your customers want is results.

By effectively blocking the bad traffic that affects your clients’ PPC campaigns, you can offer better results for each of your campaigns. Relevant traffic translates to intent-based actions and good ROAS. Build on your reputation and deliver effective campaign results – consistently – with ClickGUARD.

Bots? Blocked & dismissed easily

ClickGUARD takes a multitude of variables into account to determine if clicks are made by bots or humans. Set up your ClickGUARD system and lay back, knowing your Google Ads are protected.

Oh, and just in case you want an in-depth look, we’ll also provide you with the data, so you can see which clicks have the highest bot probability
and which don’t.

Accurate reports, one click away

No more copy/ pasting. No more missing data. No more quadruple-checking before your Zoom meeting with the client. ClickGUARD enables you to generate in-depth reports on your clients’ Google Ads activity – automatically. Set up a recurrent report or pull one whenever you need it, instantly. As simple as that.

Manage multiple client accounts. Effortlessly.

Got multiple PPC Ads clients and want to make sure you keep things clean and organized for each of them? Nothing easier! ClickGUARD will enable you to manage multiple Google Ads accounts’ protection and reporting – all separate, all easy to access at any time.

Our new system allows you to add multiple users to your ClickGUARD, and each of them can be assigned to specific workspaces – so you can manage all of your clients in a professional and effective way.

How it works

ClickGUARD’s data-driven approach and highly customizable technology create a multitude of benefits for Google Ads users.

Identify click waste

Easily identify click fraud, bots, competitors click farms, and botnets clicking on your Ads.

Block bad traffic

Stop wasteful and irrelevant traffic from hurting your PPC efforts.

Grow your Ads’ ROI

Improve your customer acquisition performance with PPC Ads and increase ROI.

Analyze effectively

Optimize your ads for intent using our in-built reporting.

Scale safely with ClickGUARD

Secure and safely scale your campaigns like never before

“Three days after trying ClickGUARD, we went from a 40% budget burn down to a 0.00%. The problem was eliminated.”

Todd Nevins


And thousands more of 5 star reviews