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The all-in-one tool for PPC marketers who know less (waste) = more (profit)

Invest in a bigger ROAS for every single client – and turn your click fraud-proof PPC service into their
most indispensable asset.

Want to succeed in PPC? Give your clients less.

Less invalid traffic

When every click is verified, you can work out what’s worthless, and more effectively target genuine customers.

Less click fraud

Avoid the worst kind of ad engagement – you don’t need fraudsters draining your campaigns and depleting your budget.

Less bots

Our PPC optimization tool identifies harmless bots (like search engine crawlers), and blocks the rest.

ClickGUARD’s fully automated system provides a PPC optimization tool that instantly separates the clutter from the clicks that convert by:

Blocking low-quality traffic

Eliminating wasted ad spend

Driving better ROI across every ad campaign, for every client

And with our elegant, transparent UI, you’ll be mitigating click fraud in minutes - without the need for a whole new skillset. Less time wasted.

PPC reporting tools providing the big picture, for you and your clients

Great results alone aren’t enough. If your client doesn’t see – or understand – the value you provide, then you won’t get the credit your work deserves.

Clear, effective reporting is essential to keep your best clients coming back for more – and new ones knocking at the door.

ClickGUARD is the PPC reporting tool you need to:


Choose the scope of the report your client needs. Schedule automatic reporting, or provide an instant update. Integrate ClickGUARD data with your existing reporting services.


Your client doesn’t need to understand everything you do – just their PPC Ads results. ClickGUARD PPC reporting tools help you identify and explain the key factors creating the greatest impact on their clicks & conversions.


Without PPC protection, your PPC data is skewed and distorted by invalid traffic. Ensure your client can trust you and your PPC Ads data. Remove the clutter and chaos from their clicks - so your reports and their sales results go hand-in-hand.


ClickGUARD’s reporting demonstrates your expertise and your determination to go one step further with your client’s PPC. Show them they’ve made the right choice, by hiring a PPC marketer who can find the real audience for their ads.

And thousands more of 5 star reviews