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Bring Better Traffic. Defeat Display Ads Click Fraud

Google Display Ads are an investment in your future audience – if you don’t build brand awareness, you can’t expect people to buy from a company they never heard of. But like any medium-term investment, it needs protecting from all the Display ads click fraud going on.

Google Display Ads – the perfect introduction to your new audience

Over 70% of US consumers choose a company they know – even ahead of other companies offering discounts. And Google Display Ads are a consistent, easy way to get your name in front of target audiences, building familiarity.

With a budget-friendlier CPC than paid search ads, GDN ads provide measurable improvements to any funnel-based buyer journey or remarketing campaign.

How Display Ads click fraud and invalid traffic makes short work of your Google Ads budget

Unfortunately, the Google Display Network contains more than 35 million third-party apps and websites – and not all of them are to be trusted.

Despite Google’s best efforts, there are countless fraudulent websites on the GDN that serve no purpose other than to steal your money. No one visits these websites, other than the bots and click farms the website publishers use to increase their gains. If your ad lands on their site, you might as well save the time and hand them your cash.

The extra reach is what you’re paying for. But it’s also why you face greater levels of click fraud – estimated levels of Display ads click fraud are around 36%, far higher than the averages for Search Ads and other PPC types.

The only way to get the reach you need without paying the ransom? Click fraud protection.

ClickGUARD protects your Google Display Ads from ad fraud and invalid traffic

Automated Click Fraud Protection

ClickGUARD analyzes every single ad click in real-time, assessing for suspicious and non-human behavior, and blocking any visitor considered to be a threat.

Placement Reports and Blacklisting

Quickly and easily identify and blacklist ad placement sites associated with invalid traffic, click fraud, and bot activity. No manual processes necessary – optimize your placements with the flick of a switch.

Adjustable Protection maximizes ROI

Every campaign is different – make sure you don’t exclude genuine customers, with adjustable protection that lets you protect by geographic region, or adjust the aggressiveness of your click fraud protection filter.

And thousands more of 5 star reviews