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When local rivals get dirty, keep your PPC Ads fraud and drama free.

Local PPC can crack your marketplace wide open. But when your ads are a barrier between your neighborhood competitors and their business success, otherwise-reasonable rivals can be tempted into doing some very unsavory things like attacking your PPC budget through click fraud.

What is click fraud?

Click fraud targets digital advertisers by deliberately clicking on their pay-per-click ads to waste their money. Click fraud is a $66 billion dollar industry, wasting one of every three dollars spent on PPC advertising.

14% of all PPC ad clicks in 2020 were believed to be click fraud. And if you’re running Google Local Ads, you’re more vulnerable than most.

Who drives click fraud?

Tit-for-tat? You’re better than that. But can you say the same about your competitors?

Google Local Ads, in combination with Google Local Pack ad extensions, are essential for businesses selling products and services to a specific geographical area.

And the lifetime value of local customers is often higher than that of online shoppers – with 58% of in-store or telephone buyers likely to remain with a business for more than 3 years, compared to 49% of online buyers.

The potential business benefits of Google Ads local campaigns are enormous. But so are the risks.

Competitor research is a big part of any digital marketing plan. Your competition can use any number of tools and easily find out your ad budget, your scheduling, and your entire keyword strategy.

And if you’re successfully capturing local market share with well-targeted local PPC, less-fortunate companies could see click fraud as a consequence-free strategy to steal your thunder.

Better traffic for your
Google local ads

Competitor-proof your campaigns

No matter what dirty tactics they’re using, you can spot it and block it with real-time click fraud protection that’ll keep your Google Local Ads clear of their clicks.

Beat the bad traffic and nail your targeting

You might well be a PPC guru. But even if you know your audience inside-out, you’ll still be wading through invalid traffic.
Clean out your campaigns, and you can scale up with confidence.

Perfectly automated fraud protection for founders and agencies alike

Flexible reporting and a simple UI you can master in minutes – with pricing plans you can tailor to fit every Google Ads account you protect.

And thousands more of 5 star reviews