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Before you go international, protect your ads from a world of fraud

For the first time in history, a single platform allows advertisers to reach customers anywhere on the planet. But your International PPC Ads need immunization – there’s a world of click fraud beyond your shores.

Click Fraud – the persistent PPC problem that knows no borders

Click fraud and ad fraud steals 20% of global ad spend, an estimated $60bn. And while PPC campaigns at the local, regional, and national levels are still vulnerable to click fraud, the risks to an International PPC campaign are exponentially larger.

If you’re planning to run PPC campaigns in an emerging market, it’s important to understand the extra levels of risk. In India, for example, ad fraud is estimated to absorb 32% of all ad spend - more than twice the average percentage in Europe or the U.S.

While click fraud mostly targets advertisers in the US and other heavily industrialized countries, less robust law enforcement overseas provides a fertile breeding ground for organized ad fraud at scale, including botnets and click farms.

And unfortunately, if your International PPC strategy is targeting markets in these wider areas, your ad campaigns will face additional vulnerabilities to click fraud – on top of the many challenges involved with planning and delivering a new campaign to an overseas market.

International PPC Ads are only going to deliver the ROI you need if you take steps to protect your investment and optimize your campaigns to exclude this kind of relentless damage.

ClickGUARD – the trusted tool of PPC specialists worldwide since 2016

Exclude click fraud and invalid traffic specific to each country and campaign

Globally optimize your international PPC Ads, by removing threats local to your campaigns. Exclude invalid traffic and click fraud from every regional and national campaign you run.

Bot Probability Assessment

Each and every click is assessed automatically for the likelihood of non-human activity, using a wide range of behavior and non-behavior-based criteria. Filter and review the data for any click in an instant, with our simple yet powerful UI.

Cleaner, smarter data

If you’re running international PPC Ads, there’s too much at stake for you to base your decisions on dirty data. Eliminate invalid traffic and click fraud and our flexible, elegant reporting solutions will show you the truth of your campaigns. Make the best decisions for your PPC Campaigns, country by country.

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