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How Battle Plan Increased ROAS and Reduced Spend by 25% for Their Clients

The technology stack of a digital marketing agency includes many tools. ClickGUARD is one of the tools chosen by Battle Plan. This agency has chosen ClickGUARD to help them increase ROAS and decrease ad spend for their clients. In this ClickGUARD case study, we talk about the challenges that Battle Plan was facing and why they have chosen ClickGUARD.

About Battle Plan

Battle Plan is a full-stack digital marketing company located in California (USA), dedicated to helping home service companies develop and execute digital marketing plans. Battle Plan supports home service companies to achieve long-term success through various services like web design, SEO, and Google Ads.

The Google Ads Challenge: Eliminating Fraudulent Clicks

After taking on the task of running PPC campaigns for their clients, Battle Plan started facing challenges associated with running Google Ads campaigns: fraudulent clicks and the need to optimize for conversions.

The agency soon realized that not all clicks had the same value - some of the clicks were irrelevant, perhaps even fraudulent or spammy. They also realized that they could potentially reduce ad spend for their customers by reducing non-converting clicks. These challenges having been identified, Battle Plan decided to look for a solution that would allow them to better optimize their clients’ PPC campaigns.

The Solution: ClickGUARD Rules and IP Blocking

When looking into solutions that could reduce click fraud and optimize Google Ads campaigns, ClickGUARD stood out as a reliable solution. The company decided to try it and was very happy with the results.

“It had an immediate impact. We started setting rules and started getting rid of bad clicks, robots, spambots, click farms. We were amazed. We learned a lot in those first 30 days.” - says Mark Ambrose, CEO and Founder of Battle Plan

By setting up rules through ClickGUARD and by blocking irrelevant IPs, the company has managed to reduce click waste, eliminate non-converting clicks, and, overall, achieve an increased ROAS.

The rules are set up according to each campaign’s data, which allows the agency a lot of flexibility, but also to find the approach that best fits each of their customers and/or campaigns.

Increased ROAS and Lower Ad Spend (Customer Acquisition Cost) with ClickGUARD

Since adding ClickGUARD to their technology stack, Battle Plan successfully managed to reduce both click fraud and the number of non-converting clicks. The agency has increased ROAS, but also achieved an ad spend reduction of 10-25% for most client accounts. This essentially means that the savings can be invested in other Google Ads campaigns or other marketing actions.

“Our clients were really happy. We did a little of both: we reduced ad spend and increased conversions - which also increased ROI.” - says Mark Ambrose

For the agency, choosing ClicKGUARD has also brought client trust. It has shown that Battle Plan is truly interested in putting its customers first and helping them improve their marketing and advertising performance. The clients have been very happy that their trusted marketing agency has found and used a solution that supports their PPC efforts.

Why ClickGUARD?

When asked why they have chosen ClickGUARD’s solution for combating click waste, Battle Plan also mentions:

  • Good customer service and support
  • Transparency of data
  • A lot of control over customization rules
  • Easy setup and management

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