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How SeniorCareClicks blocked click fraud and grew conversions by 30% in just one month

When Karina Tama from SeniorCareClicks noticed inconsistencies in one of her Google Ads campaigns, she immediately reached out to her network of PPC professionals for help. After receiving various recommendations, Karina decided to use ClickGUARD to investigate and fix the problem. After identifying a click fraud problem, she managed not only to fix her Google Ads problem but also to grow her client’s ROAS and conversion rate by 30%.

About SeniorCareClicks

SeniorCareClicks is a digital marketing agency that provides marketing services to senior care businesses. The company serves the marketing needs of the care industry through digital marketing strategy, implementation, and automation.

The company is managed by CEO and founder Karina Tama, a digital marketing specialist with over 8 years of experience. Before starting her own company, Karina has worked in the home care and nursing home industry. Through SeniorCareClicks, Karina has successfully managed to blend her interest in senior care with her passion for marketing.

The Challenge: A Decreasing Conversion Rate for An Increasing Click Rate

SeniorCareClicks was running Google Ads for a customer in the senior care sector when noticing there was something wrong with their campaign. The number of clicks on the Google Ads campaign was increasing, but at the same time, the number of conversions was decreasing. That could only mean that those new clicks were coming from bad sources.

This problem needed to be solved as it affected the relationship between SeniorCareClicks and the customer. The ads were performing poorly and this situation would have made the customer unhappy. To overcome this challenge, Karina asked for help from fellow PPC specialists. Some of her peers recommended ClickGUARD.

Identifying and Blocking Click Fraud with ClickGUARD

With ClickGUARD, Karina managed to easily identify that she was dealing with click fraud: around 24% of the clicks on her campaigns were fraudulent clicks. By leveraging the insights provided by ClickGUARD, she managed to easily identify all the “bad” clicks on her campaigns. She then blocked all of this traffic by setting up customized rules, a feature provided by ClickGUARD.

“When using ClickGUARD, we found out that 24% of our clients’ campaigns were coming from click fraud. Thanks to ClickGUARD, we could block click fraud, and we also learned a lot of things about user behaviour.” - says Karina Tama, Founder of SeniorCareClicks

+30% More Conversions In Just One Month

But ClickGUARD did not only help SeniorCareClicks block click fraud. Through in-depth click forensics, the company now had access to new data about their Google Ads - data that is not normally provided by Google.

By analyzing this data, Karina has managed to get insights into her visitors' post-click actions. Pairing this data with existing information about her target audience, she has managed to optimize her campaign for more conversions. Within a month after getting in touch with ClickGUARD, SeniorCareClicks turned a poorly performing campaign into a very successful one. The overall conversion rate increased by 30%.

“Right now, I know we need to have ClickGUARD in order to serve better results to our clients.” - says Karina Tama.

Choosing ClickGUARD turned out to be a good choice for SeniorCareClicks. They not only saved a poorly performing campaign, but they also saved the relationship with a customer. As Karina admits, this relationship was at risk due to the fraudulent clicks that the Google Ads campaign was receiving.

Why ClickGUARD?

SeniorCareClicks has decided to keep using ClickGUARD because it allows the company to:

  • Identify and block click fraud
  • Get advanced click forensics
  • Optimize Google Ads for conversions
  • Keep customers happy

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