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How CLICKPlacement stopped Click Fraud and reduced wasteful ad spend from 40% to 0% in just 3 days

What do you do when you see that your customer’s Google Ads budget is being savagely wasted? You reach out to some of your PPC friends, who recommend you a useful tool called ClickGUARD!

At least that is the story of Austin-based digital marketing agency CLICKPlacement, whose clients were faced with a sudden and unusual click fraud challenge.

This is their story.

About CLICKPlacement

CLICKPlacement is a digital agency specializing in paid search, content, and social marketing. The company is based in Texas, but helps businesses of all shapes and sizes, from micro-local to global.CLICKPlacement was founded by Todd Nevins, who has over 20 years of marketing, business development, and technology experience.

The Click Fraud Challenge: False Conversions and Wasted Ad Spend

CLICKPlacement was running Google Ads for one of their big clients in the education sector. At one point, this client’s ads started getting hit by bots: the ads were getting false conversions. The way this click fraud was performed, the bots were filling out the forms correctly, which made it difficult to anticipate and avoid these false conversions.

Within three days of noticing the problem for the first time, the bots were “burning out” 40% of the client’s daily ads budget. Unfortunately, this was happening with all of the client’s campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.

Stopping Click Fraud Through Personalized Blocking and Targeting

In order to stop this click fraud problem, the team at CLICKPlacement first addressed the issue with Google. They weren’t given a solution. After reaching out to fellow digital marketers, Todd decided to try out ClickGUARD, as it was immediately recommended by fellow PPC experts.

No time was lost. CLICKPlacement was onboarded on the same day and was guided through identifying the problem. Thanks to ClickGUARD, Todd was able to identify the fraudulent traffic and block it. To do this, the team used IP and VPN blocking, but also removed Google Search partners from targeting. The result?! No more click fraud.

“Three days later, we went from a 40% budget burn down to a 0.00%. The problem was eliminated.” - says Todd Nevins, Founder of CLICKPlacement

Ad Spend Waste Completely Eliminated in Just 3 Days

CLICKPlacement managed to completely solve their customer’s problem within three days from starting to use ClickGUARD. This resulted in saving 40% of the customer’s budget, a budget that could be redirected to more useful purposes. As the company was running several campaigns at once, this translates to saving thousands of dollars monthly and tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Todd recommends ClickGUARD because it has been efficient in stopping click fraud, but also because the collaboration with ClickGUARD has been very straightforward. He also liked that he was able to use ClickGUARD just for this one problematic customer account. This allowed CLICKPlacement to evaluate what the tool could do and get familiar with its functionality.

“Would I recommend ClickGUARD?! Of course! ” - says Todd Nevins.

At the same time, for the agency, a happy customer means good business. By choosing ClickGUARD and going that extra mile to help a customer, CLICKPlacement has proved that they have the skills to make the right decisions for their clients, even under challenging circumstances.

Why ClickGUARD?

When asked why they have chosen ClickGUARD’s solution for combating click fraud, CLICKPlacement mentions:

  • Transparency of data
  • Customization of rules
  • Easy on-boarding process
  • Fast results

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